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Mesh Mildew and Rot Resistant
Ultraviolet Light Resistant
This lightweight and easy to handle material, is an inexpensive alternative to the heavy old fashion tarps. It weighs in at approximately 7 oz. per square yard. It is a knitted polyethylene mesh with no coating to delaminate, and it is tear proof. It is highly ultraviolet resistant, due to the amount of carbon black used.

As the picture shows, accidental snags or cuts, will not tare and run, providing you with long lasting satisfaction.

This mesh is suitable for tarps, barrier fencing, shade and a host of other uses. It blocks 70% of the light. You can use this anywhere you don't need protection from the rain or dust.



95% Taped95% Taped

Rhino Mesh 92-95% Rhino Mesh® tm applied for

Our 70% mesh tarps come in Black, Green, Tan, White, Blue and Red. The 45% and 95% Rhino Mesh® comes in Black only.  

Our 95% Taped mesh comes in Ivory, Aqua, Royal, Forest, Sand and Black.


11x11 PVC Coated MeshOur mesh field harvest transport tarps are made of a solid core High-Density Polyethylene fiber and coated with PVC.

This material comes in Black, Green, White and Blue.

Weight of Fabric11 oz / sq yd
Fiber of Base Fabricwoven polyester scrim
Denier of Fabric1000 denier polyester
Fabric Count11 warp / 11 weft

Type of CoatingPVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
TapesCoated prior to weaving
ColorBlue, Black, Green, White
Width of Fabric61", 84", 88", 96"
Sealing PropertiesDialectic & Thermal

Tensile (Grab)Warp 223 lbs / inch
Weft 227 lbs / inch
Tear Strength (Tongue)

51 lbs warp

Mullen Burst50 lbs weft
Cold CrackNo Cracking after 24 hours at -40 degrees F, 2" mandrel
Fire RetardantSelf-extinguishing in horizontal burning mode.


PVC Coated VinylMildew and Rot Resistant
Ultraviolet Light Resistant

This material has a woven polyester scrim and is coated on both sides

Weight of Base Fabric5.2 oz p.s.y.
Fibre of Base Fabricwoven polyester scrim
Denier of Fabric1300/1000 denier
Fabric Count17 warp / 18 weft

Using higher denier in the warp increases tear strength in the weft direction hence making both warp and weft of equal tear strength.

Overall Weight10 oz, 18 oz or 22 oz p.s.y.
Type of CoatingPVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
Coating Distribution2/3
Width of Fabric61” or 81”
Sealing PropertiesDialectic & Thermal

Tensile (Grab)444 / 441
Adhesion17 lb / 2 inch
Tongue TearWarp 81 / Weft 83
Low Cold Crack-40 C


A low cost, first quality polypropylene tarp fabric. This material is highly ultraviolet resistant due to the amount of carbon black used. Suitable for mesh truck tarps.

The pictures below demonstrate the density of the weave. Look close to find the happy young graduate behind the fabric. 85%



Fiber content100% PP
Fabric thickness12 mils
Construction20 x 17
FinishTentered & calendared
Weight, ASTM D 52614.5 oz/yd2
Grab tensile strength ASTM D 4632

270 lbs
200 lbs

Trap tear strength ASTM D 4533110 lbs
80 lbs
Burst strength ASTM D 3786425 psi
Puncture strength ASTM D 4833100 lbs
Air flow>300 cfm
Approximate density85%
Roll-length100 yards


We carry two materials for the handling of asphalt, olive drab "O.D." army canvas and a urethane fabric. The O.D. canvas is sufficient for holding in the heat of your load, however, we recommend our high temp, low adhesion urethane fabric, which is specifically made for asphalt transfer.