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Pressure Cooling Tarps

We've been making Pressure Cooling Tarps for over 30 years and we are the most knowledgeable and experienced at fabricating them.  

We've repaired many others made by "upholstery" shops and they are often flawed due to the shops inexperience.  For instance, we see tarps that are made upside down.  The vinyl comes with a PVC coating on one side which is great for keeping it from being destroyed by the sun, but bad news when it flakes off into the food.

Basically there are 3 kinds to choose from.
  1. Pinch Pocket Type - The least expensive way to go, these tarps have open ended pockets that only need to be sewn once.  The best thing to put in the pockets if PVC pipe which is low cost, light and easy to replace.  Because of it's design, the thread never gets worn on the bottom.
  2. Strip Pockets - There's no advantage over the Pinch Pocket type, it's more of a style choice.  It's a bit more expensive because we have to cut out strips of vinyl and sew them on both sides of the pocket.
  3. Velcro Pocket Type - These are made like the strip pocket type, but one end is sewn shut and the other end has a pocket that closes using Velcro.  These usually have UHMW slats in the pockets which are flexible and nearly unbreakable providing little maintenance.
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