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Valley Ag Canvas

Welcome to Valley Ag Canvas, your one-stop-shop for top-quality, custom-made tarps and covers. We take pride in providing the highest level of workmanship at the most affordable prices to meet all your commercial needs. Our roots go back to 1984, and we are proud to have contributed to feeding the nation from the Salinas Valley.

  • Mesh Tarps

    Choose from pre-made sizes or design your own mesh fence to fit your unique needs and elevate your outdoor space.

    Mesh Tarp Products 
  • Vinyl Tarps

    From custom vinyl tarps to pre-made side roll tarps and tractor diapers, our high-quality vinyl products provide exceptional protection from the elements and are designed to withstand even the toughest of environments.

    Vinyl Tarp Products 
  • Local On Site Deliveries

    Why stress about hauling your tarps around town? Let our tarp service do the heavy lifting with our hassle-free, on-site deliveries to local customers!

  • Upholstery Repair

    Our upholstery restoration specializes in reviving and restoring Truck and Tractor seats to their former glory.

  • Pick-Up / On Site Repairs

    Don't let a tear in your tarp get you down! Our repair service has got you covered with either pick-up service or if possible on-site repairs.

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Thank you for choosing Valley Ag Canvas, where you'll get top-quality work at low prices for your commercial needs. We've proudly been in business since 1984, and happy contributing to feeding the nation from Salinas Valley. Our tarps are made in the USA using both domestic and foreign materials.