Dock Seal Pads

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Proven results.

Our professional approach delivers exceptional results that exceed expectations. With a typical turnaround time of 7 to 21 business days, we ensure efficiency. Schedule work during winter seasons to minimize disruption.

Why choose


Well, it's simple. We can revitalize and patch the foam, ensuring optimal performance. The covers are always fabricated new, and the structure, typically wooden, can be efficiently repaired or replaced. By refurbishing, you avoid unnecessary expenses and taxes
associated with purchasing new pads annually.

Cost-effective, simple


Your Dock Seal Pads with Ease! At Valley Ag Canvas, we specialize in refurbishing dock seal pads, offering you a cost-effective solution for your facility. Instead of replacing them entirely, we focus on repairing and restoring your existing pads to surpass their original condition.

Our process

Here's how it works: If you're local, the most affordable
option is to remove your existing dock seals, mark their orientation, and drop
them off at our facility. Our skilled team will work diligently to make your
pads better than new – seriously!

 To expedite the process, we create a unique dock seal
template tailored to your cooling facility. This template, which takes just two
production hours, allows us to streamline the refurbishment of all your units.
By consolidating your needs and bringing in all the required items at once, you
maximize cost-effectiveness.

 We offer flexible pricing based on quantity, turnaround time, and we are expanding our
processes to offer a more budget-friendly design option.

 At Valley Ag Canvas we are committed to finding the best
solution that suits your needs. Whether you require a premium design or prefer
to manage repeat annual expenses, we're here to assist you every step of the

 Contact us today to discover how we can refurbish your dock
seal pads and enhance your facility without breaking the bank. We're excited to
work with you!


Get accurate estimates tailored to your unique cooling facility by filling out our simple form. Include pictures of your dock area or existing dock seal pads to provide us with valuable visual information. It's an easy and hassle-free process that allows us to serve you better. Start today and receive customized estimates that meet your specific needs.

It's a straightforward process that ensures you have all the necessary information before making a decision. Get in touch with us today to receive accurate estimates and explore the possibilities for your project.

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